This is about more than a workout. It’s about Re-Patterning Your Core to improve performance and decrease pain.

Each session will help you Connect To, Engage and Strengthen your deep core muscles as well as improve your mobility...All this while taking in beautiful views of local businesses around Kelowna, British Columbia.

START with the "Must Watch" video, then progress through the Beginner, Intermediate and Advance workouts at your own pace. If you struggle with a workout, you have the option to repeat it, repeat an easier workout, or progress and return to do it another day.

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This is a subscription, so if you decide after 1 month you are loving it, keep going. If you have learned lots and are moving on, no problem, just be sure to unsubscribe.

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MUST WATCH - Explanation and Beginner Core Workout (The View Winery)

This quick mini-workout will give you the skinny on how to find your DEEP CORE MUSCLES while you hang out in the beautiful vineyard at the View Winery with me!

For more info on getting your true core muscles really working for you, Check Out:

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MUST WATCH - Explanation and Beginner Core Workout (The View Winery)

This quick mini-workout will give you the skinny on how to find your DEEP CORE MUSCLES while you hang out in the beautiful vineyard at the View Winery with me!

For more info on getting your true core muscles really working for you, Check Out:

#1 Beginner Core (St Hubertus Winery)

Getting your deep core muscles to fire first before adding more challenging exercises onto it is key to longterm success and pain prevention. St Hubertus Winery is the perfect place to hang out and connect to your core!

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#2 Beginner Core (The Vibrant Vine Winery)

Let's connect to your pelvic floor and get your glutes fired up as we hang out at the Vibrant Vine Winery! Nothing says 'fun' like a stage in the front yard and a bright yellow building full of colourful art!

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#3 Beginner BALANCE (Saskia Dover RE-MAX Kelowna)

True core stability means being stable in all positions, so get ready to challenge your core and glutes on your feet with this dynamic warm-up!

We will be using a WATER BOTTLE or SMALL BALL, but don't worry if you don't have one, you can also do it without.

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#4 Beginner Core (Twin Oaks Organic Orchard)

Let's connect to your pelvic floor and get your glutes fired up as we hang out at Twin Oaks Organic Orchard! One of my favourite things about the Okanagan is the abundance of fresh fruit available to us all summer here in the Orchard!

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#5 Beginner Core (Arion Therapeutic Farm)

This is a full-body workouts that will challenge you in all sorts of directions. Join me at Arion Therapeutic Farm to tone your glutes and tighten your abs!

#6 Beginner Core (Spearhead Winery)

You will need a small ball or (folded) pillow for this fun workout. Grab your mat and join me on Spearhead Winery's super sunny patio

#7 Beginner Core (Sanctuary Gardens)

You will need a small ball or something to squeeze for this Beginner workout. We will be focussing on stabilizing as you work some cross patterning at the beautiful Sanctuary Gardens in West Kelowna.

#8 Beginner Core (Myra Canyon Ranch)

This Beginner workout kicks off with a dynamic warm-up and leads you into a series of exercises that will help to strengthen your planks. Myra Canyon Ranch is just the place to get your core on and take in the serenity of the surroundings!

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#9 Beginner Core (Sanctuary Gardens)

This is a great SHORT routine that has all the goodness packed into under 20 minutes.

#10 Beginner Core (Big White Bike Park)

This workout is as fun and challenging as the Big White Slopestyle bike course in the background! Let's do this!

Beginner/Intermediate Core (Hoffman Orchards)

This video starts and finishes with some great mobility exercises and is packed with creative exercises to challenge muscles you didn't know you had.

Beginner/Intermediate Fusion (The View Winery)
Check out this Okanagan Fusion Core Workout! This program includes Mobility -Balance-Core and Full Body exercises. It's the workout that covers all the basis!
Beginner /Intermediate (Priest Creek)

This workout kicks off with a little mobility and moves into how to get the most out of your crunch (lots of variations).Despite me announcing it as a beginner workout, it is actually a Beginner/Intermediate.

Tennis Ball Rolling (St Hubertus)
Increase your mobility through these self massage techniques.
#1 Intermediate Core (Spearhead Winery)

This intermediate workout ramps it up a bit. It is geared to those with good strength and function of their deep core & glute muscles (otherwise you will overuse your hip flexors). Join me on Spearhead's hot and sunny patio to get a little sweat on.

#2 Intermediate Core (Okanagan Lavender Farm)

This is a pretty challenging workout that will make you rock, roll, bend and push your way to a stronger core. Let's fire this party up at the Okanagan Lavender Farm.

#3 Intermediate Core (Brook and Barn)

This Intermediate workout will challenge you to stabilize your core as you add load in all kinds of directions and is a great session to do before moving up to the Advanced level. What better place to do it than on the beautiful lawn at Brook and Barn!

#4 Intermediate Core (Myra Canyon Ranch)

This Intermediate workout moves and grooves into all kinds of dynamic positions. It is a must-do before advancing to the Advanced workouts. Get ready to bring it on with me at Myra Canyon Ranch!

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#5 Intermediate Core (Forbidden Spirits)

Grab a set of weights (or bottles), get on your feet and get ready to work your legs, arms AND core at Forbidden Spirits.

#6 Intermediate Core (Eldorado Resorts)

Grab a band and get ready for make that booty and core BURN!

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#7 Intermediate Core (Hoffman Orchards)

This one kicks off with some great dynamic movements and leads right into a nice pilates-inspired flow.

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#8 Intermediate Core (Bertram Creek Park)

Hang out lakeside with me while we put those obliques and glutes to the test!

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#10 Intermediate w/Ball (Bertram Creek Park)

Need a little extra shake-up in your core routine? Grab a small 8" ball (Dollar Store often carries them) and join me lakeside to learn new and innovative exercises to keep you challenged and motivated!

For more great core reminders check out the Core-in-a-Minute videos on Youtube!

#11 Intermediate Core (Priest Creek Winery)

With no-flexion crunches and a spin on the plank progression, this workout can be harder than it looks.

#12 Intermediate (John’s Family Nature Conservatory)
Holy hamstrings batman! Get ready to work the back of those legs with this creative workout. Your balance and strength will be challenged in all kinds of new ways.
Intermediate/Advanced Fusion (The View Winery)
Bring it all on in this Okanagan Core Fusion workout! There is more to core than just training your mid-section, it also involves balance, mobility and coordination. This one has it all!
SHORT Advanced Core (St Hubertus)
This is a quick advanced workout designed as an example workout or if you don't have a lot time.
#1 Advanced Core (The Vibrant Vine Winery)

Now that you have a good understanding of how to find your core and turn it on , let's challenge your whole body with these fun moves while taking in the lovely backdrop of the Vibrant Vine Winery.

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#2 Advanced BALANCE (Saskia Dover RE-MAX Kelowna)

Let's challenge your core on your feet with this dynamic full-body workout!

#3 Advanced Core (Twin Oaks Organic Orchard)

This is a great upper body and core workout! Come and hang out with the horses and the llamas at Twin Oaks Organic Orchard - one of the places I get fresh fruit in the summer!

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#4 Advanced Core (The Vibrant Vine Winery)

This workout is as sassy as the art wall in the Vibrant Vine's tasting room! We will hit your core from all kinds of angles so buckle up for this one.

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#5 Advanced Core (Arion Therapeutic Farms)
Get ready to bring it on! This full body workout will challenge your entire body! This was filmed at Arion Therapeutic Farm.
#6 Advanced Core (Okanagan Lavender Farm)

This full-body workout is going to make you sweat with squats, lunges, 1-legged exercises and lots of challenging core work. Bring your A game to this workout at the Okanagan Lavender Farm.

#7 Advanced Core WINDY(Myra Canyon Ranch)

This Advanced workout is quick paced and a great challenge to your coordination. It was a bit of a windy day at Myra Canyon Ranch but the gorgeous blue sky views from their deck did not disappoint.

#8 Advanced Core (Brook and Barn)

Ready to work those pushups? The stronger your core and arms are, the better they will be, so come and fire up some upper body strength and toning in this sassy workout at Brook and Barn!

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#9 Advanced Core (Forbidden Spirits)

Grab a set of weights (or bottles) and get get a glow on with this dynamic full body workout at Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co. We will start on your feet before taking it to the mat and challenging you there too!

#10 Advanced Core (Eldorado Resorts)

Grab a band and get on your feet for this challenging full body workout overlooking Lake Okanagan at the beautiful Eldorado Resort.

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#11 Advanced Core (Secret Spot)

Come and fire up some new moves with with this rounded out workout!

#12 Advanced Core (Sanctuary Gardens)

Bring on the Cross Crawl Log Roll! This workout can be harder than it looks, but the birds and the flowers will draw you right into this gorgeous setting!

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#13 Advanced Core (Bertram Creek Park)

Lots of challenging twists on the good ol' basics in this one! Grab a mat and join me lakeside for this fun workout!

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#14 Adv Core Sliders (Funky Petals)

Grab some sliders or socks, clear some space and get ready to lunge, plank, slip and slide to a full-body workout!

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#15 Adv Core w/Weights (The Athlete Den)

Grab your weights and get ready to take your workout to a new level! 3-5Lbs and 8Lb hand weights recommended to start. Let's incorporate all that fabulous core strength into moves that will challenge you in several ways. Get pumped up at the Athlete Den with me!

#16 SHORT Adv Core (Big White Bike Park)

Don't have much time? Check out this quick and challenging workout!

This is also a great routine to try to bang out 2-3 sets and really push yourself. Oh, and check out those stunts on the Big White Slopestyle course behind me!

#17 Advanced Core Looped Band (Bertram Park)

You will need a looped band for this workout. Pump up your motivation with some awesome variations and an additional resistance!